Passion Capital

The following story relates to the creation of the hit TV show, The Apprentice:

In the wake of the success with Survivor Mark Burnett met Donald Trump, and said they should do a series together. The next time Burnett was in New York, he called Trump to say he was working on an idea but wasn’t ready yet.  Trump told him to come and pitch it anyway.  Burnett did, worried that he hadn’t really thought it through.  He made the pitch, and the famously decisive Trump said, “I like it, let’s do it.”  He told his assistance to get his agent on the phone and get a contract drawn up.  

Burnett spoke briefly to Trump’s agent, who was furious that he hadn’t been in the room when the deal was struck.  He listened to Burnett pitch his idea once more over the phone, then he said he didn’t like it and he was going to advice Trump not to do it.  Trump bellowed for his assistant to get on the phone and said “You’re Fired!” and hung up.  

Trump had just found his new tag line for the show “Your Fired!”


Follow your instincts and stay true to your Brand.  


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