20 Questions

20 Questions




This is a great post from a mentor of mine, Josh Linkner.  Set aside a block of time this week to think about the questions in his post, I bet you’ll be surprised about some of the answers after taking the chance to relfect on them.

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“The work of an…


“The work of an Entreprenuer is to wonder. To imagine and to dream. To see with as much of him/herself as she can muster with possibliites that waft about in midair someplace there above her head and with their heart. Not in the past but in the future. That’s the work the entreprenuerial personality does at the outset of her business and at each and every stage along the way. I wonder. I wonder. I wonder. Just as every inventor must. Just as every artist, or every craftsperson, or every phsyicist must. Just as every baker of pies must. I call it Future Work. ‘I wonder’ is the tru work of the entreprenuerial personality.”

“I Wonder”  — Adapted from Michael E. Gerber, “E-Myth Revisited”

Creative Thinking

“Your Job is to collect good ideas. The more good ideas you collect, the more you can be influenced by” –Austin Kleon author of Steal Like an Artist

Another mentor of mine Jim Rohn would also say, “be a constant collector of good ideas”.

I have found that by surrounding yourself with people who are more creative you are, the process by which good ideas come to you is dramatically increased.  I had the chance to experience an event at a co-working space in Grand Rapids, Michigan this past weekend where there were so many incredibly bright and talented hackers, hustlers, entrepreneurs, leaders, investors and just ambitious people that were looking to come together and leverage each persons ability to bring great ideas to the table to solve problems.  We all have unique talents and experiences that through which we are able to leverage and compound on an incredible scale when put in an environment that promotes open, creative and collaborative thinking.  I challenge everyone this week, to expose themselves to experiences through which they would normally not be a part of and look to leverage those opportunities for developing habits through which great ideas can form.  You’ll be amazed with the process and the outcomes that accompany small changes in your surrounding environment and daily activities.

Follow your vision

This a great example of listening to your inner voice, committing to a vision and following through on your passions. I love hearing success stories about people knocking on doors, getting kicked in the face and never giving up on their dreams.

Jesse and his concept for the Samovar Tea Lounge are a perfect example of how traditional ways of thinking aren’t always able to grasp new entrepreneurial concepts and the potential for creating a new market around an idea. I know I’ll be making a stop next time I’m in San Fran for a retreat from the constant commotion of our daily lives.

Whether its pursuing an entrepreneurial endeavor, becoming a expert in your chosen field by starting your own online platform to share your knowledge, reaching out to a mentor for advice, or breaking into your dream career by making that right connection. Have confidence in your abilities and take the first step today to follow your dreams. As Warren Buffet says, “have you just say-no list” & focus your time where it provides the greatest return.