20 Questions

20 Questions




This is a great post from a mentor of mine, Josh Linkner.  Set aside a block of time this week to think about the questions in his post, I bet you’ll be surprised about some of the answers after taking the chance to relfect on them.

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“The work of an…


“The work of an Entreprenuer is to wonder. To imagine and to dream. To see with as much of him/herself as she can muster with possibliites that waft about in midair someplace there above her head and with their heart. Not in the past but in the future. That’s the work the entreprenuerial personality does at the outset of her business and at each and every stage along the way. I wonder. I wonder. I wonder. Just as every inventor must. Just as every artist, or every craftsperson, or every phsyicist must. Just as every baker of pies must. I call it Future Work. ‘I wonder’ is the tru work of the entreprenuerial personality.”

“I Wonder”  — Adapted from Michael E. Gerber, “E-Myth Revisited”