Life Accounts

For my first post, I wanted to talk about something that I came across the other day while reading an article about building your “life plan”.   The quote mentioned discusses your various life accounts and the need to prioritize them.

This made me think of the T.V. show America Pickers.   I love this for a few reasons including the crazy treasures that they find while searching across the country, the people they meet along the way &  for the fact they get to drive around the country together as best friends and make so many incredible memories while doing what they are passionate about.   While usually pretty easy for Mike & Frank to get people to part with their stuff, sometimes have problems getting people away from pieces of their collection for whatever reason they feel tied to it, which in some cases they didn’t even know they had!  (My Grandpa would be one of these)

This brings me first lesson about developing our life plan:

  • While we all value  things differently, it’s important to realize that there comes a time prioritize what’s important, to let go of the clutter in our lives & move forward.  This may be difficult at times, I’ve found that junk from one life account can easier spill over, cause chaos & hold us back from our true potential.

The second point deals with relationships:

  • Mike & Frank have a mutually invested interest in each others success.   It is important to point out in both business & life circumstances, there are times when we all overdraw our life accounts (relationships, business, family, etc.).  We sometimes intentionally do this & other times don’t realize that these relationships take initiative from both sides to balance the account.   In Frank & Mike’s case, they drive around the country making sure that each one has the others back in all the business decisions that they make whether one has a difference of opinion or not. They have a vested interest in each others success knowing that if one takes too much or makes a bad decision, his partner suffers this.

Make sure that when you are crafting your life plan,  that you realize that its better to make more deposits in relationships & keep the account in the positive than to continually charge to the relational credit card until one day your over-limit not realizing the damage you’ve done.  This weekend, get rid of the clutter, focus on developing you life plan & continually make lasting deposits in others around you.  I promise they will provide the greatest return of any investment that you could make.