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MLB, Apollo 13 & Leadership

MLB, Apollo 13 & Leadership

“Whether it’s in baseball or business, the true five-tool player is a rare find — so much so that most successful teams don’t have any five-tool players, let alone multiple players with more than one skill. What the best teams have are individuals who recognize what capabilities they have and which they lack, and subsequently complement one another such that in the aggregate, they have the ability to draw upon all five tools.” Jeff Weiner — Founder, CEO & Investor

This is a fantastic read!  I specifically like the approach he uses by mentioning the Apollo 13 scene where the NASA team on back on Earth are given the task of creating a Co2 filter from all these random parts that are on the Apollo spacecraft (I also like this analogy bc I’m a huge fan of what movies can teach us).  He relates this scene to the point that in life or business, we are all going to face obstacles at some point.  Some of us encounter more setbacks than others, and face tremendous learning curves in looking for solutions to their problems.  I can say this from my own experience and that of others I have worked with.  However, I know that by facing these obstacles head on you will find that you will almost always end up successful on the other side if not at least much better off as a person, creative thinker and leader.

By embracing the challenges in front of us, creating an plan and working toward what Jeff says in his post “looking for those five tool superstars” we can attack problems head on and form ideas to make the leap over obstacles that are in front of our teams.   Everyone has some specific skill(s) and value(s) that they can add to the team, it’s up to us as leaders to help utilize everyone’s talents around us in ways that provide the best return toward accomplishing our groups goals.

Follow your vision

This a great example of listening to your inner voice, committing to a vision and following through on your passions. I love hearing success stories about people knocking on doors, getting kicked in the face and never giving up on their dreams.

Jesse and his concept for the Samovar Tea Lounge are a perfect example of how traditional ways of thinking aren’t always able to grasp new entrepreneurial concepts and the potential for creating a new market around an idea. I know I’ll be making a stop next time I’m in San Fran for a retreat from the constant commotion of our daily lives.

Whether its pursuing an entrepreneurial endeavor, becoming a expert in your chosen field by starting your own online platform to share your knowledge, reaching out to a mentor for advice, or breaking into your dream career by making that right connection. Have confidence in your abilities and take the first step today to follow your dreams. As Warren Buffet says, “have you just say-no list” & focus your time where it provides the greatest return.