Follow your vision

This a great example of listening to your inner voice, committing to a vision and following through on your passions. I love hearing success stories about people knocking on doors, getting kicked in the face and never giving up on their dreams.

Jesse and his concept for the Samovar Tea Lounge are a perfect example of how traditional ways of thinking aren’t always able to grasp new entrepreneurial concepts and the potential for creating a new market around an idea. I know I’ll be making a stop next time I’m in San Fran for a retreat from the constant commotion of our daily lives.

Whether its pursuing an entrepreneurial endeavor, becoming a expert in your chosen field by starting your own online platform to share your knowledge, reaching out to a mentor for advice, or breaking into your dream career by making that right connection. Have confidence in your abilities and take the first step today to follow your dreams. As Warren Buffet says, “have you just say-no list” & focus your time where it provides the greatest return.